Anxiety, Oh How I Hate You

Anxiety, Oh How I Hate You

It has been two weeks since I binged last which is great for me, the new meds are working for now (thank goodness). My problem is, I have to have an operation on my knee this week and I drink energy drinks and im trying to cut down ( I also need to cut down on them) Ive been doing it gradually and have been doing great untill I got down to my desired amount, now my mind thinks im trying to torture it. I no longer have a calm mind, even meditation doesnt work

I decided toturing myself wasnt the best way to go about it, so I and alittle extra today and see if I can restart the process again tomorrow

Why oh why do we torture ourselves so much ….

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  1. I know how you feel! Good luck with the knee op – I’ve had both ACL reconstruction and regular arthroscopy, and did really well! You will too. The surgeries are so cutting-edge nowadays. Just make sure you do your physical therapy. Hang in there with the anxiety…..I wish I had great advice for that but unfortunately I’m in the same boat. take care!

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