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I Am Doing Fine …



I feel ive finally made it to the point where im living, not just existing and that feels great .. I know with one horrible thought it can all go bad again, but im trying hard for that not to happen

I have been getting alittle agitated latley, especially in the morning, will need to talk to my doctor about that

Ive learnt to keep my mind somewhat busy so it cant think too much

I try to read lots of blogs but sometimes its hard to get time, hope everyone is doing well

It Feels Great To Accomplish ….

It Feels Great To Accomplish ….

Something that you set out to do, I rarely have this feeling as I start so many things and never finish them or take years to do so. While my eating problems have been both good and bad, iveĀ  finished a few things that I started long ago. When I was young we instead of having photos we had slides, ive been meaning to scan them onto my PC for three years, it took me two hours to get it done (what was stopping me from doing it years ago?)

Ive been saying I was going to get my learners permit for many years, but I blamed not being able to study for not doing it. I started studying five days ago, I went for the test today and aced it. These things that I failed at beforehand kept going through my mind and I kept telling myself that I never follow through with anything so why bother trying

Now im looking forward to learning to drive and now that im able to walk again I want to get my health in order, my binges are few and far between but exercise helps in keeping me sane,I never realised how much it helped until I wasnt allowed to walk for two months

I have a hangover from my last binge, but im looking forward to the challenge and see if my brain is going to work with me this time with my health .. ive decided to try harder this time

Happy New Year, looking forward to see what I can accomplish in 2015