I had a great day out, went down the coast, had an amazing lunch near the water etc, been feeling great the last few days but the past few days ive been reading blogs and yesterday and today ive read blogs about girls saying they want to kill themselves or are going to suicide. I know we all have mental health issues but what would make a person come on here and do that, it was upsetting and it seems that no-one seems to reply to them, I feel that I need to try .. If I was going to kill myself there is no way I would be on here telling everyone, in my opinion I would be wanting attention by doing so.

I feel that there is always something in a day that makes you want to live, even at my lowest I can seem to think of something … I really hope these people get some help and get to see how good life can be even with a mental illness

Please get help

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  1. It is really a tricky situation, I don’t really know what to say. A lot of people say that someone who really is going to do it, would never think of publicly announcing it though. They just do it, but then again are these girls trying to reach out for help?
    I would say, say something to them, mainly because I think it would at least take a load off of your mind at least =).

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  2. having been suicidal even just recently, I can relate to those reaching out. how-thefuck-ever, I also recognize that many are — as you said — just looking for attention and sympathy.

    I think you can kind of tell from the approach. if they explicitly state “hey, I’m going to kill myself”, they are probably just looking for attention. but if they actually seemed plagued with an issue or are a little more looser about talking about it, it might actually be legit.

    but again, just my opinion.

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    • I hope I didnt offend you, I didnt want to offend anyone. Its just when I feeling good, I want everyone else to feel good, its heartbreaking to think anyone is that low that they want to die. Im so happy that you are still around x


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