Annoyed – Breathe In, Breathe Out ….


I went to see my doctor about 6 weeks ago to plead with him to go on Vyvanse (medication to help stop binge eating). When I saw him I asked him to google it and he did,  I asked him to check if the drug doesnt interfere with my Bipolar meds and he did, he said that it didnt …. fast forward a month, I went to get a new script as it was still working great, he noticed that Vyvanse was an amphetamine and said to me “that is why you are feeling so great” and gave me another script for it

Fast forward a week, I went to see him for a Bipolar med script and after not bingeing for 33 days, I had binged two days in a row and asked him for a stronger mg Vyvanse just to get back on track again, welllllllll, he googled Vyvanse and told me it was an amphetamine and I need to go off it straight away and that it interferes with my antidepressant and he is  worried about the side affects and that I might drop dead BUT if another doctor prescribed Vyvanse to me then that would be ok (after telling me that I was like a daughter to him) if he was so worried about me then he, wouldnt want me to have them at all … he just wants to save himself (they were just extreme side effects). He told me to go home and meditate, that should help … that pissed me off

He left a message with my sister this evening saying he has a new script for me, a diet drug (WTF?)  … after telling him a billion times that I have a binge eating disorder and I want to recover, it isnt about losing weight

Ive enquired about going  back to an eating disorders clinic, im waiting to hear back from them … its not about going off Vyvanse, I just want someone to listen and medicate me with the right medications

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it out

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  1. Glad to lend an ear. Sorry you’re going through some rough stuff. Sounds like you were doing really well though, 33 days, no bingeing! I agree, the right medications definitely do help. But I think there’s a battle going on in your mind too, which is a lot deeper than any medication can go. Don’t give up!

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