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Meditation and Relaxation



Now that the new medication is helping tremendously, I can watch my moods etc, the last couple of days ive been very busy and ive ended up exhausted. I now realize if im doing too much that I need to have a break or make sure I meditate of a night. If it is busy at work and im starting to get alittle stressed or agitated I know I need to just sit and breathe, even if its 5 minutes sitting in the bathroom breathing  deeply.

So far my binge eating is under control, I now need to look after myself so it doesnt flair up again

So glad to be alive

Day 8 on Vyvanse


I am still loving this medication, I havent thought about bingeing once, usually its at least a few times a day, im very impressed with it, the only side effect ive had is waking up alittle early but thats ok as im enjoying living right now. I have a calm mind but sometimes I do need to sit, close my eyes a rest for a few minutes, but thats just because ive overdone things and need a break

I dont ever remember feeling this way, I know I will still have ups and downs, im just enjoying the calmness right now